About Zen Dirt

Zen Dirt is an online guide for daily inspection of quotes which leave hints for enlightenment. We offer a Zen quote of the day from wise ancient masters.

We post zen quotes, reflections on these quotes, and freeform commentary on life in all of it’s glory and hardships.

Zen Dirt is mostly written by Kang Maike, who does not struggle to maintain a practice, does not care about the five hindrances, and only walks the path that is before him, regardless of the number of folds.

Zen Dirt has never taken refuge nor received any tradition and would rather not.  A tradition doesn’t ever last long you know.


  • Why should I listen to Zen Dirt, what do they know about Zen or enlightenment?
    • You shouldn’t listen, and I don’t want to think about Zen right now, I’m typing.
  • Why Zen Dirt?  That doesn’t sound nice, or clean, or zen, does it?
    • We should question what is nice, what is clean, what is dirt, and what is zen.  Dirt isn’t necessarily bad, though it may be dirty.  Clean isn’t necessarily good.  Soap is considered clean, but if we eat it we will get sick.  Conversly, if we eat dirt, we will improve our immune system.

There we have it.  Dirt and Zen.


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