Enlightenment is Intimacy With All Things

April 26th, 2011

“Enlightenment is intimacy with all things.”

When we are close to something we say we are intimate.  It also alludes to having close, intimate knowledge of something.  Enlightenment is an awakening to intimacy with all things.  There is a realization of the lack of true and false, good and evil, or good and bad.  There is no longer a dirty versus clean, there is no longer duality in conflict.

We cannot buy one side of a piece of paper, both sides come with, they go hand in hand.  The warm fuzzy feeling we enjoy with a familiar person or blanket will be felt with all aspects of life and all objects of the universe, even the comet that might be heading towards us at any moment to eliminate the Earth.

Non-duality is understood.  It is accepted, it is appreciated as all things are appreciated, all things are equal.  All things are of utmost importance, because none of them matter at all.  This is why we must see the beauty in all things.

2 Responses to “Enlightenment is Intimacy With All Things”

  1. Jeyaprakash says:

    The awakening gives a relief from all the concepts and ideas. The good and the bad merges and disappears into emptiness.

    A short book on emptiness: Zen Mind, Empty Mind

  2. Radina says:

    Posted on I see this as a trend toward the gerneal de-mystification of enlightenment, along the lines of what has been happening with meditation over the last forty years. It is only as people understand the secular, mundane components of awakening that the majority can become empowered to integrate higher levels of consciousness.

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