Kang Maike Returns

December 20th, 2013

The days have been arduous, blending into night, bleeding into day.  I have much studying to do of the world as I have been removed too long.  I have lost contact with myself and everything.  I have walked a hundred score of miles and have many more to go.  In a fortnight I shall arise a new man — the same man I always was.  I have missed writing and missed truly living, and like all things am returning to my natural state.  I hope to have much more to share this year, and next.

Have a wonderful holiday season.  Enjoy yourself and those around you.  This is the time of year to celebrate.  There is always something to celebrate!  Celebrate the little things, it makes the big ugly ones less painful.

One Response to “Kang Maike Returns”

  1. Joe says:

    Welcome back! We have all missed your insights.
    Enjoy celebrating the person you always were! I wish you awareness of each step of the many miles you (and I) must walk.

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